Thursday 26 February 2015

Kwalita Village Suffer Infections due to Contaminated Water

My rural kids educational project is facing few challenges.... 
Of a truth, the villages are far and not quite motorable but all exist in Abuja. 
Visited Kwalita village yesterday after some of the teachers contacted us.
The kids We trying to build hope for are now dying from an infection. They are urinating blood and they have cried to the government who the teachers confirm have given some medications. 

I personally saw some of the kids yesterday now and they did said the medication worked for few days but the blood urine is back. 
Reports says the infection is as a a result of contaminated water. 
Six villages to and after kwalita survive on stream water. These same stream, the agoi carry their cattle and same stream they wash all things. 
These villages have no access to the poorest form of borehole water. 
After taken the medication, they go back to drink and birth the same water that caused the infection in the first place.
Will bring the video I made there for you to see.
If there is anyway you can help tell this story, We Just looking at a situation where some spirited individuals can help make borehole in Just one of these villages......

Have cried my eyes out since yesterday......

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