Thursday 26 February 2015

Kwalita got #Borehole

#Kwalita updates 
Kwalita got #Borehole 

I got the news yesterday and today I took time off to share in the joy.

A #Woman after watching our story line on Channels TV felt so touched, she had to divert her house fund to donate this Borehole.

In her words: "how can I go ahead building a house while a whole village lacks ordinary water"
She has refused to be commended or appreciated. Still begging her to even allow me see her face. She hired people who traced the village for her. She parked her car at point and finished the trip using a Bike.

The joy of the villagers, you can just imagine, knew no bound. The chief here with me and the PTA chairman.
Sad news here is that, the village as at today is flooded with political campaign posters. Rep. and Sanatoria aspirants. I don't know how to describe these people!

Please join me in celebrating the goodness of God through the wonderful woman. 
#OneKidProject #Y2015

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