Wednesday 9 September 2015

Letters to SDGsNG Youth Meet-Up event

Happy day friends.
If you get this mail, you have successfully registered for the SDGsNG Youth Meet-Up Event holding in Abuja Nigeria on 24th of September 2015. This event is holding two days ahead of the official unveiling of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development; #SDGs in New York. These set of Goals will be replacing the Millennium Development Goals; #MDGs.
The Meet-Up is aimed at enlisting Youth Ambassadors for these goals as way of standing up for accountability and projects survival. Participants will take part in few dialogue activities to review the performance of the MDGs in Nigeria and also discuss the components of the SDGs. 

Participants will perform these assignments in groups and each group will come up with quality suggestions on how all projects under the SDGs can be rightly pursued, executed and reported for public benefits.
After the event, each group are expected to continue discussing and developing further ideas to achieve better results with SDGs and how Nigerians can all know all the 17 SDGs. The Groups and their leaders will be presenting their submission at the Nigeria SDGs Youth Summit that will be holding before the end of the year. 
As a participant, you are expected to come with devices that are internet connected with access to facebook and twitter most importantly. We will be engaging all the United Nation Agencies via the social media and be sending our recommendations ahead of the UN General Summit.

Stay connected and follow @DEANinitiative on twitter for daily updates.
log on to to download useful SDGs materials to aid your participation.


  1. great initiative...we would be there.....

  2. Great initiative..... I would love to be a part of these great event. my email