Wednesday 16 September 2015

Girl Child Education

The story of The Girl Child and their vulnerability to social challenges has become a global concern. Girls weakness is never in terms of intellectual or competence...... But the world is yet to give the girl child the required attention and space.
The story may have improved in the cities where many civil rights movements or NGOs have being showcasing their window dressing campaigns, but in the Remotest part of our society where neither the government nor NGOs visit to work, the story remains saddened.
With NGO almost becoming a major business venture, where the connected groups get all fundings and doing less to nothing in providing realistic life changing projects, it has therefore become imperative for the few who still have their conscience intact to act selflessly and not just keep spending all the resources on organizing fruitless conferences where all we see are beautiful talks that ends on the pages of newspapers, Radio, television and on the Internet.
What we need is action. We already know so much and done below little.
At DEAN Initiative, we don't celebrate stories. We engage actions. We are enrolling new girl child into school every now and then. With the smallest resources we have, work is non stop.
Join us today.

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