Friday 28 August 2015

MDGs versus SDGs

With so much controversies surrounding the performance of the MDG projects in Nigeria, it is clear enough that if adequate preparations are not made and all Stakeholders mobilised to both monitor and perform the duty of efficient project reporting, the newly unveiled SDG projects will probably go the way of #MDG, which can generally be adjudged to have failed.

Quoting End Poverty 2015 Website;
" With the deadline to achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) approaching, different levels of implementations as well as emerging development challenges have made it imperative to draw up a successor framework building on the success, lessons and shortcomings of the MDGs. One of the major gaps that trailed the MDGs was the obvious lack of participation by critical stakeholders in its development.
Learning from the MDGs, the process to develop a successor framework has so far been participatory and made open to the views of different stakeholders"

As a social and community development worker, I have traveled through over 20 States in Nigeria to see the level of success that can be measured on the MDG projects. From Adamawa to Gombe, Plateau, Kano, Jigawa, Katsina, Kaduna, Benue, Kogi and some parts of South - South to South - East and South - West States of Nigeria. We don't stay in the cities, we move to villages where these projects are supposed to be cited.

Lots of projects that are either uncompleted, abandoned, looted and many never attempted. There are cases in Abuja FCT Nigeria where contractors go back to project sites and loot all components and take to another site for another construction. This is unacceptable and goes further to explain the weak monitoring system we have and designed for these projects. In our activities, we don't believe in confrontation, but we need to stand up for responsible governance. is organizing an SDGsNG Youth Meet-Up in Abuja FCT Nigeria to review the performance of MDG projects and discuss the components of the SDG. This will enable the youths come up with constructive frame work through which the SDG projects can be executed, monitored and efficiently reported.

We can end #Hunger and #Poverty.

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