Friday 27 May 2016

Water for Life Project

Water for Life Project

It was a tall dream.... rather tool tall to sing out. But we didn't just sing out the dream, we played nice music along with it.

First it was issues around money, then we discovered that not many people would follow money to those far bad terrain, where one would travel hours on terribly bad and lonely rural roads.

But the project aimed at saving lives and rekindling hopes must see the light of days. People began to show interest, individuals and corporate organizations.... And something happened. We got money, we got a service provider who is ready to loose everything but succeed in drilling the water and give water to the people in the abandoned terrains.

Like play like play...... Two years running.... Six Boreholes donated already.

We didn't organized any fund raising..... We only tell simple stories of needs.... And the one who sent us travels with us to minister to those he wants to use.

Jesus has done all things well.

Stories of Change!

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