Sunday 20 September 2015

News for SDGsNG Youth Meet-Up Participants

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Still reaching out to you from Kaduna, I quickly want to share these few information with you as touching the Tuesday’s event.
As the Project Coordinator for DEAN Initiative, we work majorly with rural communities. For few years now, I have had the opportunity of visiting over 20 States in Nigeria and we travel through the remotest part of the states. This singular venture afforded me the opportunity to experience firsthand, the rot that exists in our rural Areas. This also got me in contact; face to face with the performance of the MDGs in Nigeria. I personally don’t know how to tell lie or pretend, for me, MDGs in Nigeria for its 15 years performed abysmally.
I have visited over 300 villages in FCT out of the over 869 villages captured in record. I can confirm to that, it is better experienced than been told. #Sad.

I met with village chiefs who confirmed to me how MDGs contractors came to dismantled facilities they just installed. The moment projects are commissioned, they were removed to construct another project in another community. Why were all these evil practices made possible? May be you can help provide few answers.
We have projects that includes; Water for life project, where we build boreholes for these villages. One Kid Project, where we enroll rural kids into primary school. We also help them fight basic ailments like #Malaria by distributing Treated Mosquito Nets.
With all these activities, I have personally learnt that Nigeria only have rulers and not leaders. But we can change that. I have thrilling breakthrough stories that will amaze you. Little efforts count a great deal. We make only little, but courageous efforts and results are transformational.

1.     If one person can make little impact, two people will make more impact and when we as young people join hand together in a strong national advocacy engagement, trust me, we will make great difference.
2.     To answer few questions some participants have been asking; the truth is that this event is not funded either by the Government nor the UN. If you have ever participated in any of our activities, you by now will know that we don’t wait for financial support or motivation before we take positive actions.
3.     We are not bringing a senator or a celebrity….. we are bringing #You. Time has come to attach high value and importance to ourselves. The big names we have been listening to, how far have they taken us? You are the next solution Nigeria is waiting for.
4.     This event is aimed at raising self motivated Ambassadors that will promote at least on #Goal out of the 17 #SDGs and follow up on project for on the spot reporting of SDGs activities and a local and national advocacy engagement that will move the government to deliver on promises.
5.     This event is a humble one. Apart from the fact that we secured the support of a fantastic Venue, every other thing is not going to be loud. Action is our desire and not paparazzi of thing. But a lot of networking opportunities will be there and plenty photo scenes,,,, but no food and drinks oooooo…… but down the hall is a super restaurant of global standard…. Plenty of small chops available there.
6.     We will be working under five groups to achieve success on the Dialogue to produce a policy we will forwarding to the government and the UN.
We are using #DEAN4SDGs on twitter ….

Don’t hesitate to ask further questions.
Semiye Michael.

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