Wednesday 1 April 2015

Advocacy visits report


The level of illiteracy among the rural communities in Abuja FCT is discovered by the DEAN initiative to be extremely high. Over 90 percent of the rural dwellers are highly illiterate because of poor attitude towards formal education and it has resulted into them not allowing their children attend primary schools. In a bid to address this malady, DEAN Initiative created a project that will increase awareness on the important of formal education in bringing social liberation to the people at the grassroots especially in FCT.
To embark on this project of advocacy visits, ten (10) villages were selected amongst others;
1.      Kwalita:                      Gwagwalada Area council
2.      Gulida:                                    Abaji Area Council
3.      Agwan yunsa:             Abaji Area Council
4.      Dogonruwa:                Abaji Area Council
5.      Paiko basa:                  Abaji Area Council
6.      Mai numba:                 Abaji Area Council
7.      Bari bari:                     Abaji Area Council
8.      Gwanda:                     Abaji Area Council
9.      Gurdi:                          Abaji Area Council
10.  Yebu :                         Kwali Area Council