Thursday 26 February 2015

Channels TV Grants Special Reportage of the Kwalita Water Crisis

On #ChannelsTv tonight.

We came in contact with the pathetic situation of a neglected village right in the middle of FCT. Their children are dying in high numbers. We were humbly offering school support for their kids when the village head told us there won't be need to put the kids in school when the possibility of them dying soon is high.

I felt pain joined with severe sadness. I don't have the money to build borehole for them I have efforts. I started talking to everyone and the media....... What I was told will cost over 2 million to achieve (a news report on a national Tv) came live on air today with no penny paid....
Where there is a will, there is a way.
If there is a man to pray, there is a God to answer.

Special Thanks to #Gloria and her crew for the sacrifice of travelling with my team to that distance. Thanks to #ChannelsTv

What next?
Political office holders' response.

Access to Safe Water non-existent at Dogonruwa Village FCT

#Honestly #Speaking!!!
I took these pictures yesterday and the stories around it should be shared with you.
This is #Dogonruwa village. 

During this season, they have serious problem accessing water to use. In these pictures are holes dug in the middle of a dried river. From here they wash and #Drink.

Please can somebody tell me how a borehole worth! The population of this village is roughly 10,000 if not more. Please, how poor is our country?
I saw all forms of political posters there. Senate aspirants, chairman, councillor and the likes. They want votes.

This is FCT and We are in the 21 century. 
What is wrong please.

Kwalita got #Borehole

#Kwalita updates 
Kwalita got #Borehole 

I got the news yesterday and today I took time off to share in the joy.

A #Woman after watching our story line on Channels TV felt so touched, she had to divert her house fund to donate this Borehole.

In her words: "how can I go ahead building a house while a whole village lacks ordinary water"
She has refused to be commended or appreciated. Still begging her to even allow me see her face. She hired people who traced the village for her. She parked her car at point and finished the trip using a Bike.

The joy of the villagers, you can just imagine, knew no bound. The chief here with me and the PTA chairman.
Sad news here is that, the village as at today is flooded with political campaign posters. Rep. and Sanatoria aspirants. I don't know how to describe these people!

Please join me in celebrating the goodness of God through the wonderful woman. 
#OneKidProject #Y2015

Kwalita Village Suffer Infections due to Contaminated Water

My rural kids educational project is facing few challenges.... 
Of a truth, the villages are far and not quite motorable but all exist in Abuja. 
Visited Kwalita village yesterday after some of the teachers contacted us.
The kids We trying to build hope for are now dying from an infection. They are urinating blood and they have cried to the government who the teachers confirm have given some medications. 

I personally saw some of the kids yesterday now and they did said the medication worked for few days but the blood urine is back. 
Reports says the infection is as a a result of contaminated water. 
Six villages to and after kwalita survive on stream water. These same stream, the agoi carry their cattle and same stream they wash all things. 
These villages have no access to the poorest form of borehole water. 
After taken the medication, they go back to drink and birth the same water that caused the infection in the first place.
Will bring the video I made there for you to see.
If there is anyway you can help tell this story, We Just looking at a situation where some spirited individuals can help make borehole in Just one of these villages......

Have cried my eyes out since yesterday......

Semiye Michael: The unfriendly friend of the rural dwellers

Semiye Michael is my name....
The unfriendly friend of the rural dwellers
I have lived in the city all my live. Even though my family is not the influential and rich families, I yet enjoy little luxury with friends and relatives born with silver spoon in their mouth. The sight of the high scrappers and beautiful street lights in the nights and tens of radio stations entertaining and feeding one with on the go news updates; city life I must confess remain a choice I can’t possibly resist.

I heard that our country is not yet among the best in the world, but somehow, things look a bit orderly and until I perhaps have the opportunity of travelling outside here, this place may remain the best place I have been. You need to see me sometimes in super stores and fast food centers. Wow! I so much cherish those outings. I had lived on the good lane of life without any other mixture of what it will mean living without those things I see every day.
How did I come in contact with new horrible way of life? It was going to be adventurous as I volunteered to serve in a 3 day rural campaign project organized by a church my friend attends. Things never remained the same with me thereafter. 

We travelled few kilometers away from the city and we vanished into this thick forest. I began to ask if we were heading to a game reserve or something. The road networks were odd, rivers after rivers and valleys that are almost impossible to pass. We kept going and soon we started seeing people. These people looked different and terribly dirty. No electricity, no radio, no telephone network, no portable water, no schools and their daylight was a complete darkness of life. Why oh my God? Are these human beings? Who brought them here? What did they do? When will they be forgiven so that they can come back and join us in the city? No! They belong here and probably will remain here forever. That was the answer I got.

Teaching Children “to Walk in Light”: Semiye Michael

As the founder of a consulting firm devoted to training young adults in business competence, Oluwasemiye Michael Larayetan readies a new generation for leadership. AYEM, African Youth Empowerment Movement, has been providing business training in Abuja, Nigeria since 2000. For the last eight years, though, Semiye Michael has gone farther….literally. He formed the OneKidProject, working to educate rural children who live far away from city life.
With the help of my wife, voluteers and donors, I'm working to give an abandoned generation a personal voice of emancipation and self-identity.

I started the OneKidProject to meet challenges impeding education in the rural villages in Abuja Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria. We want to identify the most vulnerable children and find funding sources to educate them. We provide rural children with tuition fees, school uniforms, learning materials and spiritual support.