Monday 22 February 2016

Tales of disconnected governance: the travail of Nigerian Women living in the rural communities

The travail of Nigerian women living in the rural communities
………tales of disconnected governance
By Semiye Michael; a rural development reporter

Who says the life is kind to all? In a world where men feed on each other mercilessly and make boast of their evil acts of leadership callousness and yet get celebrated amidst absent minded populace; how friendly can life be to all in the face of massive injustice and development seeing to be exclusive for target groups in the same world meant for all? Let us take a simple most unbelievable scenario as case study;
Abuja was once adjudged to be one of the fastest growing cities in the world; this no one am sure can dispute. But it is quite an experience to feel the situation of the communities that surrounds this beautiful city. Touring the over 800 villages in the suburb of Abuja city all of which are captured in annual fund allocation for the development of the Federal Capital Territory, DEAN Initiative came in contact with life threatening social and infrastructural challenges that left us asking ourselves if we were actually in FCT.