Wednesday 30 September 2015

SDGs Youth summit

Are you  ready for this?

With youths from 10 states gathering to share their firsthand experiences on issues surrounding the MDGs and pointing out their passionate expectations as the SDGs commences, the SDGsNG Youth Meet-Up was nothing but a dynamic success. I also want to confirm to you that, that little effort we all cooked have actually generated a lot of discussions online and in major relevant offices.

Wednesday 23 September 2015

SDGsNG Youth Meet-Up Photos

The SDGsNG Youth Meet-Up came in at the right time.... Report on the way but enjoy the photos...

Courtesy of Mr. Segun Medupin

Sunday 20 September 2015

News for SDGsNG Youth Meet-Up Participants

Happy weekend friends,
Kindly read through.......

Kindly use to promote the event....
Still reaching out to you from Kaduna, I quickly want to share these few information with you as touching the Tuesday’s event.
As the Project Coordinator for DEAN Initiative, we work majorly with rural communities. For few years now, I have had the opportunity of visiting over 20 States in Nigeria and we travel through the remotest part of the states. This singular venture afforded me the opportunity to experience firsthand, the rot that exists in our rural Areas. This also got me in contact; face to face with the performance of the MDGs in Nigeria. I personally don’t know how to tell lie or pretend, for me, MDGs in Nigeria for its 15 years performed abysmally.
I have visited over 300 villages in FCT out of the over 869 villages captured in record. I can confirm to that, it is better experienced than been told. #Sad.

Wednesday 16 September 2015

Girl Child Education

The story of The Girl Child and their vulnerability to social challenges has become a global concern. Girls weakness is never in terms of intellectual or competence...... But the world is yet to give the girl child the required attention and space.
The story may have improved in the cities where many civil rights movements or NGOs have being showcasing their window dressing campaigns, but in the Remotest part of our society where neither the government nor NGOs visit to work, the story remains saddened.
With NGO almost becoming a major business venture, where the connected groups get all fundings and doing less to nothing in providing realistic life changing projects, it has therefore become imperative for the few who still have their conscience intact to act selflessly and not just keep spending all the resources on organizing fruitless conferences where all we see are beautiful talks that ends on the pages of newspapers, Radio, television and on the Internet.
What we need is action. We already know so much and done below little.
At DEAN Initiative, we don't celebrate stories. We engage actions. We are enrolling new girl child into school every now and then. With the smallest resources we have, work is non stop.
Join us today.

Thursday 10 September 2015

10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Sustainable Development Goals

10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Sustainable Development Goals

1. The Global Goals are the world’s ultimate to-do list for the next 15 years.

The Global Goals are 17 goals to make this planet a better place by 2030. This means ending extreme poverty, fighting inequality and tackling climate change - sounds good, doesn’t it?

2. The Global Goals are the people’s goals.

 The Global Goals were not compiled behind closed doors by a group of secret masterminds. They have been developed by all the 193 UN Member States, NGOs and people like you, all working together.

Wednesday 9 September 2015

Letters to SDGsNG Youth Meet-Up event

Happy day friends.
If you get this mail, you have successfully registered for the SDGsNG Youth Meet-Up Event holding in Abuja Nigeria on 24th of September 2015. This event is holding two days ahead of the official unveiling of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development; #SDGs in New York. These set of Goals will be replacing the Millennium Development Goals; #MDGs.
The Meet-Up is aimed at enlisting Youth Ambassadors for these goals as way of standing up for accountability and projects survival. Participants will take part in few dialogue activities to review the performance of the MDGs in Nigeria and also discuss the components of the SDGs. 

Participants will perform these assignments in groups and each group will come up with quality suggestions on how all projects under the SDGs can be rightly pursued, executed and reported for public benefits.
After the event, each group are expected to continue discussing and developing further ideas to achieve better results with SDGs and how Nigerians can all know all the 17 SDGs. The Groups and their leaders will be presenting their submission at the Nigeria SDGs Youth Summit that will be holding before the end of the year. 
As a participant, you are expected to come with devices that are internet connected with access to facebook and twitter most importantly. We will be engaging all the United Nation Agencies via the social media and be sending our recommendations ahead of the UN General Summit.

Stay connected and follow @DEANinitiative on twitter for daily updates.
log on to to download useful SDGs materials to aid your participation.

Tuesday 8 September 2015

Ike Amadi Donated Reading Books for our project

All the way from Lagos Nigeria. DEAN Initiative received over two thousand reading books of 5 different titles for school pupils worth hundreds of thousands.
These books are going for our special book reading sessions with senior primary school pupils and junior secondary school students.

More volunteers needed for the Book Reading sessions. If you are willing and able, please contact us.

Special thanks to Mr.  Peter Ike Amadi

Enrollment of 20 Kids in Dogonruwa village

As Schools resume......

The Assistant Head Teacher of Dogonruwa Primary School, a village under Abaji Area Council of FCT have been saddled with the responsibility of sourcing for 20 kids whose parents are economically disadvantaged and hitherto have don't have the hope of going to primary school. His Assignment will be ratified by the representative of the villagers to avoid any fowl play.
The number will consist 15 girls and 5 boys. Through our partners, the kids will receive all that are needed to start and grow in their academic education.
School uniform
School bags
Writing materials
Tuition fees
Parental counselling

Help a child today. Contact us at or 08067616185